Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of carpet cleaning products do you use?


Our truck mounted systems are used to generate high heat rinsing and agitation of soils and spots.  We use traditional pre-sprays and spot removers that manipulate PH levels or oxidation of dirt & grime.  We offer more organic cleaning solutions such as citrus-based cleaners with digestive enzymes that break down oils and pet dander.  All of our chemicals are pet friendly & safe for your environment.  

What do I need to do to prepare for a carpet cleaning?


 It is best practice to have your carpets cleaned twice a year.  It is a good idea to remove all valuables from the top of the furniture if the furniture is being moved.  Vacuum thoroughly in high traffic areas if vacuuming occurs less than once a week.  We will take care of the rest. 

How long does the whole carpet cleaning process take?


The time it takes to clean carpet may vary depending on furniture moving & heavily soiled areas.  However, an average house takes an hour & a half or the whole house as little as thirty minutes for one room.    How long it takes to dry depends on how heavily soiled the carpet is.  It typically takes about 1 to 2 hours to completely dry.  We do offer fan drying which speeds up the process.